Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little "Me Time" Goes A Long Way

Moms, learn the importance of "Me Time". [Pic]

Moms, this article is for you...

We live in a fast-pace world and everyone seems to be busy getting their endless tasks done. Amongst all, mothers seem to have the widest range of chores. (Moms, say aye if you agree).

My mom was a homemaker, a business assistant (to my dad), an educator (despite her lack of education), a cook (of gourmet standards), the CEO, CFO and COO of our household.

I have always admired her ability to manage so much.

Moms fill their schedule to the brim - for others. [Pic]

Fast forward to my time as a mother.

Compared to my mom, I am more educated and have much more means to get things done. Somehow, there is just insufficient time to do much of what I want to do. I guess having more resources is not the answer after all.

Many mothers are in the same boat.

A mom's schedule

Instinctively, a mom wants to do all the chores in the world if she thinks they are helpful to her family. It is therefore not surprising to find a mom's schedule being filled to the brim.

Typically, something very important is amiss: "Me Time". There is usually hardly anything dedicated to mom in a mom's time table.

Set time for yourself and yourself only. [Pic]

What is "Me Time"?

For a mother, "Me Time" is the time taken to do something for herself and herself only. No children, husband or other family members should be involved. Even if they are, the focus should be on mom.

So, moms, "Me Time" can be spent for your enrichment, social network, health or spiritual wellness.

Why is "Me Time" important?

Even the best car in the world has stop at the gas station. "Me Time" is the time you recharge your energy. It allows you to put back what you have given to others. This is so that you can be ready to give more.

"Me Time" can be a simple walk in the park. [Pic]

What to do during "Me Time"?

Some find this a tough question for they have not had much of a "Me Time" before.

The answer is simple: Do something that is outside your routine and let yourself be surprised by what you might experience.

Here are some of the things you can consider:
  • Call an old friend and chat
  • Pamper yourself in a spa
  • Have an afternoon tea with your pals
  • Watch a play or movie
  • Visit a museum
  • Attend a health talk
  • Read an inspiring story
  • Do brisk walking in the park
  • Write in a journal
The list goes on. If you don't feel like doing any of the above, you could just sit by the beach and watch the world go by.

There you go, "Me Time" is just time to do something simple for yourself. You do not need to rip your schedule apart in order to accommodate some of the above items.

Loving others begins with loving yourself. [Pic]

Why no "Me Time"?

If it is so easy, why are so many moms not giving themselves any "Me Time"?

Firstly, (1) they may not be aware of its importance. Secondly, even if they are, (2) they may not have the habit to do so. See "The Power of Habit".

With this article, I hope you are done with (1). It is really just a matter of acquiring the right habit to weave some "Me Time" into your schedule. Check your schedule now and slot in some "Me Time".

Taking care of others begins with taking care of yourself.

Do it now.

"Self-love, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting." (William Shakespeare)

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