Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Year Resolution

... is NOT to have one. 

In a few days' time, millions of people around the world will be announcing their new year resolutions. Thanks to new media, sharing such promises has become so easy.

The start of the year brings on many "if only" thoughts. Deep down, we have always wanted some change. In reality, we lack fuel to bring about the change. Few people actually fulfill their new year resolutions and one study suggests only 12% are successful.

 So, were you one of the 12%? I can hear some people even asking 'What was my new year resolution again?'

If it is so hard to keep our promises, why do so many people make new year resolutions year after year?

There are reasons why people traditionally or if I may say, habitually make new year resolutions. Psychologically, the start of a year always brings new hope. It signifies a new start and a chance to start all over again. It reminds us that 365 days have passed and we wonder how we could have lived those days better. 

The truth is, nothing starts all over again.

Time simply moves on regardless of how mankind chooses to compartmentalize it. From the time of early civilization, man has devised many ways to measure time. For those who adopt the Gregorian calendar, 1st of January may seem special. However, for those who follow other calendar systems such as the Chinese and Islamic calendar, that day holds no special significance.

We are given a finite time on Planet Earth but many people live their lives as if they have another in the bank. Everyone knows today will never come back. Yet, many rather procrastinate and they leave their hopes in 'tomorrows' rather than act on 'todays'.

At the start of the article, I said I am not making a new year resolution. For that, I mean to say I make a promise to change whenever the need arises. I do not look at the calendar and see if it is the first day of the year. Why wait till the start of the year before you swear to quit smoking? Do it now.

I have nothing against making any resolution. I am just suggesting that we should do it whenever and wherever. No special occasion is ever needed for that.

I wish everyone a promising 2011 with many promises fulfilled.

"Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep. ~Denis Waitley~

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