Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture Blog #12 : The Amazing Water-Ink Painting

Photo by Vanilla

Water is a familiar and essential substance which most would not relate to art.

In this picture blog, water is part of an art form known as 'water-ink painting' (水影画). Instead of conventional canvas, drawing is done on the surface of water. A controlled amount of ink is dropped on water creating circular blotches of different sizes. Lines are then drawn by separating the colored blotches, creating images on the 'water canvas'.

This is a very new art form invented by Chinese artist, Huang Zhulin (黄珠琳). Since his debut earlier this year, his drawing has stunned many.

Photo by Vanilla

I am thoroughly fascinated by the endless possibility given by nature where much can be done with simple things around us. Many a times, we are just too quick to dismiss nondescript resources and miss out opportunities to make a difference.

Planet Earth in itself is a master piece and Mother Nature has given us plenty of room to create. Each of us is a miracle with a great potential. However, with every excuse we give to ourselves, we cap a little of our given potential.

Are you guilty of constantly telling yourself, "I can't because..."? Somehow, you would creatively come up with 'reasons' to complete the sentence.

Imagine, if only you would use the same creativity to complete a different sentence, "I will become ... if I...", you will be amazed at the great difference the little twist can make.

Blue & White Porcelain by Zhulin

Take a look at Zhulin's amazing drawings (videos) of "Blue and White Porcelain" (青花瓷) and 'Dun Huang' (敦煌). Don't forget, just like his drawings, you are carrying endless possibilities.

Be inspired.

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