Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dating My TV #16

See "Dating My TV #15".

I have just watched Avatar in 3D and I will write more about it shortly.

After 160 minutes of 3D visual sensation, I had to find a place to feed myself and re-orientate my boggled mind.
Having a meal on a crowded Saturday afternoon means lots of waiting. As usual, I whipped out my mobile phone and started catching some news on the "Channel News Asia".

It was a very strange feeling adjusting myself from a 3D big screen full visual impact movie to a 2D 3.7" straight-to-the-point news broadcasting. I cannot describe that feeling. It was a little surreal or something. Perhaps my mind was still stuck in Pandora (the planet in the Avatar movie).

I was just wondering what might be the future of TV/movie viewing on mobile phones now that Avatar has redefined the meaning of visual media entertainment.

Still wondering.

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