Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Singapore BLOG Awards 2009 voting is coming to an end (31 Jul).

Since last month, many of you have voted for Vanilla. Some of you have read my articles and have given your valuable feedback. Some of you have left your kind words in this blog. Some of you took the trouble to send me emails and some of you have quietly voted and I may never know who you are. I appreciate all the support you have given.

When I started blogging here about a year ago, no one was reading it and I did not expect anyone would be doing so. I wrote because I wanted to and not because I am expected to. Slowly, I had a handful of regular readers and now I believe there are many more.

Being one of the finalists for the Singapore BLOG Awards has been a flattering and humbling experience. Regardless of the outcome, the writing will continue. I hope you too will continue to enjoy reading the articles here as much as I enjoy writing them.

Just to round up the voting frenzy over the last few weeks, I will share an extract of a recent news article from My Paper (27 Jul 09) featuring this blog and a few others.

Thanks for all your votes.

MyPapers 27 Jul 2009

第二届 “新加坡部落格大奖“的十个奖项,100个参赛blog,不仅各自绽放精彩,也不时成为媒体报道的对象。




用一只猫来代表这个空间, 想必也代表格主强烈的好奇心 (所谓curiosity killed the cat)。


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