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10 Tips to Avoid Festive Bingeing

This is the time to feast, wisely. [Pic]

The feasting has begun.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated over a period of 15 days. Typically, families and businesses arrange for get-togethers over meals. Singapore is a food paradize and it is even more so during festivals. You can expect great indulgence during this festive time. (See "The 15 Days of Lunar New Year")

If you are thinking of not falling prey to binge eating, this article is for you. Read it before your next party.

Spend more quality time with people, not food. [Pic]

10. Do not over prepare

Leftovers are traditionally seen as something good. It means you are wealthy enough to provide, in this case, over-provide. Symbolism aside, if you prepare the right portion, you do not have to decide if the leftovers should go to waste or 'waist'.

9. Get enough rest

Lack of rest can increase your stress level. Typically, a stressed-out person is more inclined towards binge eating. (See "It's Time to Chill Out, Not Stress Out") 

8. Learn to say 'No'

I know, this may cause grandma to be upset. But I am not suggesting that you refuse her offer. You just need to know when to stop and say 'No' when the time comes. If saying 'No' gets too tough, distract and flatter her by asking for her secret recipes. (See "Don't be a People Pleaser")

You are spoilt for choices. Indulge wisely. [Pic]

7. No second helping

During the festive season, you are spoilt for choices. Take your time to sample. Avoid a second helping of your favorite cookies as it usually doesn't stop at two.

6. Don't compensate with exercise

If your strategy is to back up your binge eating with a more rigorous exercise regime, don't. This is likely to make you loath exercise especially if routine exercises don't come naturally or habitually to you.

5. Eat something before you go

Don't spoil your appetite by eating too much before the party. However, don't leave home feeling famished either. Otherwise, you will tend to gobble down the food as soon as you enter the house. Snack on something healthy beforehand.

4. Watch where you station

If you choose to socialize over the serving counter, you are likely to pinch some food between your conversations. Instead, move away and hold your conversation else where. You can always talk about bonsai next to the flower pots or discuss about Picasso near the paintings.

Snack on something healthy before going for a party. [Pic]

3. Be picky

You have so much food but no extra space in the tummy. You need to be selective. Avoid food that you can get at any other time. Pick something special and not something off the supermarket shelves.

2. Focus on people

Not eating everything on the table doesn't mean you are deprived in any way. Focus the celebration on people rather than food. You have had enough poking in Facebook. This is time to catch up with friends and relatives in the real world. (The article on "Are You A Good Conversationalist?" may help you)

1. Eat the right thing

This is too cliche and we can go on and on about what is the right food to eat. In short, eat in moderation and watch your calories. I will just let Dr Aaryan Koura from the Singapore Tan Tock Seng Hospital share more via this video.

May the Dragon Year bring you wealth as well as health !
"When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no 'I'll start tomorrow'. Tomorrow is disease." (Terri Guillemets)

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