Monday, August 9, 2010

Picture Blog #13 : Extinction is Forever

Singapore Zoological Gardens by Vanilla

It was a usual trip to the zoo, or was it?

The Singapore Zoological Gardens is one of the world's famous zoos. Set in a rainforest environment, the 28-hectare (0.28 km²) open-concept zoo offers a 'close-up' experience with the wild animals.

The animals are displayed in naturalistic cage-free enclosures, with cleverly disguised barriers such as moats, vegetation and rock walls. As a learning zoo, the Singapore Zoo is known for its wildlife conservation effort and successful breeding programs.

I have visited the local zoo many times and I continue to be heartened by their conservation effort. Somehow, the visit last week set me in some sense of melancholy. In some ways, the sound and sight of the animals saddened me. While I know they are in good hands, I know better that they belong to the wild.

I have brought back some unhappy images (at least they are to me) and I will leave it to you to think about whether wildlife should be kept in captivities in the name of education. As far as zoos are concerned, it has always been a fine line between commercialization and conservation.

I am in no position to define it. Have your say.

See earlier article on white tigers, "An Unnatural Fate"

Bengal White tiger, are you rare and regal
or are you a mutant from inbreeding to satisfy curiosity?
(by Vanilla)

Little one, you are 'Wildlife' born and bred in captivity.
Are you still wild? (by Vanilla)

Meerkat, do you see a bleak future? (by Vanilla)

Contrary to belief, he does not bury his head in sand.
But I believe, in captivity, he is confused and sulky.
(by Vanilla)

Sad 'Tropical' Polar Bear (by Vanilla)

Cheetah, the fastest land animal, having nowhere to run. (by Vanilla)

Leaving behind their Savanna homes. (by Vanilla)

Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard in the world,
away from its nearby Indonesian Islands homeland.
(by Vanilla)

Life if captivity is far from being colorful. (by Vanilla)

Zebra, are you 'fading' from the Planet Earth? (by Vanilla)

Once upon a time, this was an Orang Utan palm. (by Vanilla)

Blind Emu, you belong to the Down-Under.
See original image - warning: disturbing visual.
(by Vanilla)

"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed." ~Mohandas K. Gandhi~

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