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Picture Blog #1 : Street Art

'A picture speaks a thousand words.'

We have all heard this saying before and few can disagree with it. We are visually stimulated creatures and the same image can bring about a wide range of emotions. I am no artist nor photographer but I love creative images in any media. From time to time, I come across many favorites and I thought I shall start sharing.

I will begin with pictures of street painting. I hope I can continue to bring on more favorites of mine. Feel free to shout in the tag box or drop a comment and let me know if you like this 'inaugural' picture 'article'.

3D Street Painting

This not a new art form and it probably existed since the 16th Century in Italy. The artists are also known as Screevers. A few centuries ago, they lived lives like buskers, doing street painting and receiving donation of food or money from passers-by. Today, street painting has gone anamorphic, giving greater emphasis to its optical imaging effect. For simplicity, let's just call it 3D.

In the last couple of decades, 3D street painting has been considered a modern art form. It is done in many parts of the US and Europe. I seriously think that the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore National Arts Council should introduce this amazing art form onto our streets. (Oh, come on, relax, this is not graffiti).

3D street art is not really 3D, of course. It only appears 3D from a certain perspective. See the pictures below and you will see how a 3D image is indeed 2D.

There are several renowned screevers in the world such as Kurt Wenner, Julian Beever, Tracy Lee Stum, Eduardo Relero and Rod Tryon. Let's sit back and enjoy our first dose of 30 'thousand words', which are great master pieces by Julian Beever.
(Let me know which is your favorite)

If these amazing images inspire you, you might want to watch a short video on how Julian Beever created one of his anamorphic street art.

Julian Beever's 3D Pavement Drawings

1. Two worlds

2. Beneath every carpark...

3. Worldcard

4. That hemmed in feeling...

5. Aiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture

6. Leaving an impression

7. Underground Bank

8. Batman and Robin to the rescue

9. Spiderman

10. White water rafting

11. Beneath every street ...

12. Taking the plunge

13. Waste of water...

14. Push the boat out

15. Time Square in Time Square

16. Pavement Picasso

17. Rescue
(to be viewed using an inverting mirror)

18. Pre-modernist and post-modernist

19. Let's be friends (with whales)

20. Oh crumbs !

21. Arctic Street Conditions with Soft Drink

22. Self-Portrait Of The Artist With Liquid Refreshment

23. Building site accident

24. About to meet Mr Newt

25. Yorkshire Water
(this was never completed, but still amazing)

26. Meeting Mr Frog

27. Rembrandts with Rembrandts

28. Portable Computer

29. Is this the real thing ?

30. Baby Food

"Everything you can imagine is real."
~Pablo Picasso~

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Feel free to shout in the tag box or drop a comment and let me know if you like this 'inaugural' picture 'article'.