Monday, June 22, 2009

Finalist for the Singapore BLOG Award 2009

It was a midnight surprise on 19 Jun.

I checked my mailbox last week and there was this email sent 4 days earlier by OMY. It read:

"Dear Blogger, Congratulations! You are one of the top ten finalists in the Most Insightful Blog category in this year's Singapore Blog Awards! Your blog is shortlisted from over 1500 blogs submitted and will now go through the scoring and voting phase..."

I read it again carefully. I wanted to be sure that it was not a spam mail which usually begins by saying 'Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of blah blah blah and you have won yourself a da-di-da.'

I checked the OMY official website and found my blog listed there. Ahha! So it's real! What I have done to get there I probably will never know. What is more important is that you too agree that I belong there. I hope you would give me your support by casting your votes.

How to vote:

1. Go to the Singapore Blog Awards official website.

2. Log in if you are an OMY member. If not, you need to register (simple steps).

3. If you are only browsing, skip (2).

4. View and Vote for Finalists

5. Pick "Most Insightful Blog" Category

6. Click on "Vanilla" to vote (need to log in at this stage)

7. You can submit as many votes as you like from now till 31 Jul (Max 1 per day)

8. Voters stand to win prizes - Creative Vado (Worth $169) or ST701 Portable External Hard Disk (250GB)

9. Good luck and thanks for voting!

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