Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cut The Cords

Apologies for the harsh tone but I hate wires.

We live is a world of gadgets which are powered by electricity. Thanks to wimpy battery life, we stay connected to power cords via a labyrinth of cables. For a long time, I have been dreaming of a world without entangled cables and truly live up to the promise of wireless.

I am not far from that dream, I think.

If you see a light bulb powered up without any use of plug or wires of any kind, you may not be watching a magic show. US researchers have come up with a way that could power consumer gadgets truly wirelessly.

Imagine this: your laptop's battery could be recharged when the machine gets within several feet of a 'charger' which could be embedded in tables, work surfaces, picture frames and even behind walls. As you move from place to place, your laptop continues to receive the needed power, without any wire trailing behind. What a breeze!

The science behind this new found technology is not new. Using the theory of "resonance", a phenomenon that causes an object to vibrate when energy of a certain frequency is applied, the researchers found a way to supply energy without going through any wires.

The new invention is still being refined and cannot be adapted to our daily lives yet. Meanwhile, there are already some devices which can help us cut down the wires, at least.

Most common of all, we have cordless appliances like electric toothbrush and cordless vacuum cleaner which save us the hassle of dragging wires while using them. But the convenience of the 'cordless' technology is rather localized. For continuous feeding of power, the chargers can't leave the gadgets for too long.

I am sure you dread the idea of bringing a bagful of chargers for your camera, MP3, laptop and mobile phone whenever you travel. We all desire a simple universal solution that frees us from the trouble of plug-in chargers and adaptors.

Now there is a solution to the 'many-chargers-for-many-gadgets' problem. With gizmo such as the charging pad, we can leave that bag of chargers behind and just carry along a sleek mousepad like charger. How cool!
It is a dream come true where we can charge one or more electronic devices by simply placing them on top of a charging pad. The freedom to charge devices without worrying about handling tiny connectors and untangling messy cords is just so godsent.

I simply can't wait to taste the sweetness of such convenience. One day, everyone will have a charging pad here and there around the house and office. Charging will become a simple matter of dropping devices onto the nearest charging pad. Even when we are away from home, I would envision the hotels placing such convenience in the rooms to entice customers.

I will wait for the day when I can carry my gadgets around without the worries of flat batteries and really say goodbye to the spaghetti power cables.

Cheers! Looking forward to freedom!

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